Back to Boot Camp

Liam’s little vacation at my farm is over.  Today he got a bubble bath and I pulled his mane, then we packed up his stuff and took him back to the fancy farm with the trainer.  Tomorrow our daily lessons start again, and we’ll find out if Liam and I progressed on our week off or if we slacked off too much!  I had a great ride on him yesterday, we worked hard but by the end of the ride it was feeling really good.  We did a lot of transitions and half halts, he loves the walk-canter transitions, it really wakes him up and lightens him at the walk, otherwise if I shorten the reins too much his stride becomes much shorter at the walk.  After a walk-canter transition or two, I can shorten then reins and he softens over his whole back instead of just bringing his nose in, and then he can maintain a longer stride.  From there, I was able to get a really light in the bridle collected trot out of him, and from that into a wonderful canter!  I think it was progress, but we’ll see if we can do it again tomorrow or not and then the trainer can tell me if it’s correct or not 🙂


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