Back Online!

I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but I haven’t had internet.  Now I’m finally all set up in my new place (on the farm!) so I can get back to providing the greatest and latest in news and progress. 

Liam has been awesome at the training barn.  We learned a ton in the last two weeks and we have made great progress.  His canter is the biggest improvement, he stays slower and more balanced and carries a lighter contact on the bit.  He is also figuring out how to do a canter-trot transition in the same balance instead of leaning on my hands and running off at the trot after the transition.  His trot is also improving, and lots of work on circles has him bending more easily and changing the direction of the bend more easily.  My position has also improved a ton, and I’ve gotten stronger from riding other horses.  I have also learned a lot of knowledge I am saving for the future from watching the upper level riders take their lessons.

Friday night Liam moved back to my barn for a week while the trainer is out of town at the other place.   It’s no vacation for him though, we have lots to work on this week!  Yesterday he went swimming in the pool so I could practice swimming horses.  He really didn’t want to go in the ramp that leads into the pool, but after a breif discussion he took a few steps into the ramp.  Once in the ramp, he gave it a good sniff and decided it wasn’t so bad after all, and proceeded to walk right into the pool and swim his laps like a pro.  He did 3 laps around the pool and walked out.  A trainer of his at the track had mentioned one time that he swam while recovering from his ankle injury, and he clearly remembered the routine.  I was so proud of him!

Then later in the afternoon, my friend Cassie (who will be living with me) and her horse Diamond arrived, so we went for a ride to show Cassie how our dressage has improved.  Again Liam was perfect.  It was fun too because Diamond looks like he could be Liam’s little brother.  Diamond is a few years older and just an inch or two shorter, and both boys are the same red chestnut coloring and each has a small star on his forehead… a perfectly matched pair!


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