Thank Goodness for Family

Today started early, shopping for cleaning supplies to get our new “cabin” move-in ready at the farm. Before we even got to start cleaning, Cassie and I were headed out to the barn to give a group of prospective boarders a tour, and then to a quick meeting in the office.  Then we made it back in the house where, thankfully, my family met us to get the cleaning job started.  That was soon disrupted to head back out to the barn to bring in horses, and then feed and water. Then back inside again. The floor was mopped, grandma had the fridge shiny clean, dad had the bathroom sparkling, and mom was hard at work in the bedrooms.  Thank goodness for family!

When they were worn out and headed home, I changed real quick and went to find Liam, my poor neglected horse.  He was in his stall working on his dinner, absolutely caked in mud and with a new cut and swollen bump on his chest.  Of course, the day before he goes to the new barn for my working student position, he has to get a new boo-boo.  It wasn’t bad, not deep at all, mostly just the hair taken off – no doubt a well deserved reminder of who’s boss when he’s flirting with the mares.

By now, the barn was abandoned.  I briefly considered whether or not it was smart to ride with no one around.  Then I realized that once I lived there, I would more than likely quite often be the only one around, and decided I should learn to appreciate the quiet times in the barn that would no doubt become increasingly rare.  I brushed the dirt off the saddle area on Liam’s back and tacked him up.

It was nice having the arena to ourselves. I talk to him a lot more when there’s no one around to annoy with it, and I think he likes it.  We had a nice ride, lots of transitions and bending, mostly working on stuff we already know how to do and making sure he remembered stuff we haven’t worked on in a while.  Yesterday I got a phenomenal canter out of him, his left lead was completely round and in self carriage.  It was totally effortless for me to sit there and he held it together all on his own.  Tonight it seemed like we weren’t going to have that same magical moment, so we focused on the walk and trot work.  There seemed to be no point in pushing it since tomorrow he moves to the new farm and Tuesday our education begins.  It was a very pleasant ride, and afterwards I promptly headed home absolutely exhausted.  Thank goodness the family will be back tomorrow to help with more cleaning and hopefully even some painting so I can move in this week!  And Liam has been warned, tomorrow we are off to boot camp!  Speaking of which, I better go clean my tack…


One thought on “Thank Goodness for Family

  1. Talking to him is a good thing. Both my mom and I talked to our horses all the time while we ride. Good luck with your new job and the new farm!!! Hope Liam adjusts well.

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