Big News

Tonight was so hot and humid, I rode Liam only long enough to get him warmed up and get a little ride time for myself in, then Ramon had a lesson.  We did a little trot and canter each direction…

Then we took a walk break, and Liam eyed the little jump set up in the center of the ring.  “Oh, ok Liam,” I thought, “Just a few times before your lesson, then tomorrow we will work hard on dressage.” It is not easy to jump with a long stirrup in a dressage saddle, but Liam didn’t care, as long as I stay out of his way he takes care of the rest!

Then it was Ramon’s turn.  He started with lots of walk, practicing using his weight and legs to move Liam around on circles and yield him back to the rail.

He also rode on Tuesday, and both days he worked on the lunge line to develop a good seat at the trot.  I must admit, I am a little jealous of how easily he is picking up this new sport!

The big news of the week: I have recently been offered quite an opportunity, and decided to take it.  I am leaving my job, which will be hard, but I am going to be a working student for a well-known and highly respected dressage trainer.  I will get to observe, ride, and take lessons every day.  Liam will be coming with me, and hopefully we will both make dramatic improvements under the tutelage of our new trainer.  We will start the beginning of next month and, of course, I will continue to keep you updated.  I will also begin teaching lessons again after my 4 year hiatus, so I am really excited! 

2 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Please do keep us updated! I just recently discovered your blog and it’s my new favorite. I take lessons twice a week on school horses, so I get a little vicarious horsey fun reading about you and Liam.

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