A Beautiful Ride

Tonight was perfect.  Liam was soft and round and relaxed again.  We did some warm up then Sarah came with her camera. 

Here’s some of our warm up at the canter.  Much improved both directions! And *so* much more comfortable to ride!

I wanted to try riding Training Level Test 1 and see if I there was noticable progress from the last time we worked on it, back in Febuary when we rode it in a schooling show.  I haven’t ridden that test since then because we only rode the two Intro Level tests at the last show we went to, but lately we have been doing some very nice canter work, so I wanted to see how it was all fitting together.   Liam was perfect!  All the parts of the test flowed together smoothly, including the transitions, which used to be a sticky subject for us!  I can feel that we could still use some working making the circles and corners rounder, he is still not quite as off my inside leg as I wanted, but I think that was my fault tonight, I kinda let him get away with it.  Otherwise, I really can’t complain, I am just so proud of him!


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