Lawn Mowing and Bird Chasing

Liam was doing his part to help with the long grass in the hard-to-mow areas tonight. 

He was hard at work when a loud crowing, squawking sort of noise interrupted our quiet time. “What is that sound?” Liam wondered as it came again and again. 

We scanned the sky and searched the tree tops as the noise came yet again, but we couldn’t locate the source.  Then, as we were about to give up, there it was, right in the paddock in front of us!

What is that?  We must take a picture and find out! Liam and I followed it into the pasture to get a better look, and a better picture.  It was a huge bird!

We tried to sneak up a little closer… but the big bird saw us and walked away at an incredible pace on those long legs.

I thought I could creep up on it to get a better picture, but Liam had a better idea.  He started to get excited as he mistook our stalking game for a chasing game!  “Come on, mom, we can catch it!” He danced sideways in eager anticipation as I tried to take another picture. 

My 1100 lb golden retriever has a long stride, and as he trotted after the bird, me and camera in tow, the bird matched him step for step all the way to the pond.  Liam thought this was great fun!  Unfortunately, as we approached the pond, the bird decided to switch mid-stride to plan B… and flew away.

Liam watched as the bird disappeared over the tree tops.  Oh well, back to lawn mowing.

P.S. I think it’s a sand hill crane, but I’m no bird expert!


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