Hit the Trails

It was the perfect spring evening, so we loaded up our ponies and took them to the forest preserve for a ride.  I figured this would be a perfect opportunity for Liam to learn that going new places is nothing to get all excited about, like he did at the show we went to.  He has been on lots of trail rides in the past, but never trailered to one before, and we always went on the same trails.  Today we would try something new, and we had his best friend Vinnie along for reassurance.  Liam was a perfect gentleman in the trailer, and he stood quietly tied beside it while I tacked him up. 

He explored the trails with calm confidence, marching along checking everything out.  We saw a tiny baby deer on the trail, it couldn’t have been more than a day old on it’s wobbly legs! We saw a hawk right over our heads, and a big white bird by the lake (when it flew up right in front of us, it did startle Liam a little, but he quickly regained his composure and that was the only time anything rattled him).  It was a beautiful night, just the right temperature and everything smelled so fresh, spring was truly in the air.  Then we got back on the trailer and went home.  A successful adventure, and a perfect evening!


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