Picture Story

The walk is coming along nicely.

A little resistance yielding the haunches still, but they are moving now!

I’m very pleased with the trot work

The Leg Yield is improving, a little resistant still, but the back end moves…

And the front end moves…. staying really pretty straight!

Canter depart from a walk is coming along nicely.

Left lead canter still needs work though. See how it gets lateral? The outside fore has touched the ground well before the inside hind (they should hit at the same time). He reaches well under himself with those back legs atleast.

The right lead is much more balanced…

And more correct… although still leaves plenty of work to be done.

After the ride he stands nicely

And then we talk about our ride

And then we indulge in some lawn mowing

The End!


4 thoughts on “Picture Story

  1. Think back- and imagine….
    Look at Liam now. No one would ever have believed this would be him years ago, when you first got him.
    He looks wonderful, Christy!
    You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve fixed the “unfixable”.
    Your loyalty, belief and dedication did an amazing thing and you have such reason to be proud of the both of you.
    Always in your corner, rooting,


  2. Give me love
    And watch me grow.
    Give me attention
    I need it so.

    Give me honesty
    And watch me be,
    A better ‘horse’
    Just wait and see.

    Give me respect
    And you will find
    I can be loving, gentle and kind.

    Give me kindness
    You won’t regret it.
    I’ll be impresses
    And I won’t forget it.

    Give me humor
    I’ll laugh with you.
    Be true to me
    And I’ll be true.

    Give me a chance
    To just show you
    All the good things
    That I can do.

    Give me friendship
    And a little of your time,
    Then just stand back
    And watch me shine.

    Give me encouragement
    Just a little will do;
    Then let me give
    All my love to you.


  3. I am so proud of you two! I can see much improvement just in the few month’s time that I have known you! I am so proud 🙂

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