Enter at A, Working Buck

We had been schooling the tests very nicely, but when it came time to perform in the show ring, Liam put on quite a show!

Enter at A…

Yeah, it’s a real short video. Nothing is wrong with your computer.  It’s just the most dramatic entrance you’ve probably ever seen at a dressage show!

It did get a little bit better, and it looks even better in the video than it did live since most of the bucking and trotting sideways are lost in the blur… Just listen to the spectators.

This performance was worth a 47%, and the judge’s comment at the bottom of the test, “Athletic Horse.”  I was just glad I stayed on, and that we more or less performed most of the movements in the test 🙂

Afterwards, I had to reflect on how the show went, and the second test we rode did go smoother than the first one, and by the end we both managed to relax and walk out on a long rein, so I have high hopes for us as we continue to venture out to scary new showgrounds.  And, to make myself feel better, I do have this video of us schooling the test at home a week before the show.

So I know we are capable of riding a much more correct test, and now I just need to take him more places so it’s not so exciting anymore!  He was probably thinking, “Loading up at the crack of dawn, going for a long ride, unloading into a buzzing environment, lots of strange horses, rows of stalls, tents, flags, loud speakers… of course! We are going to a race today!”

It does give me a slightly different perspective with regard to the proposed rule changes that the USDF is working on.  At this level, it doesn’t really effect us.  But in the future it may, since I will continue to work at home, and hopefully continue to make progress.  I don’t have a huge budget for showing though, so hopefully it won’t take us too many shows to settle down and get a score that is a more honest reflection of what we are practicing and what we need to work on.  But doing only a few shows a season…

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