Liam helps with a lesson

We had a short ride tonight, practiced the haunches-yielding thing a little and a few canter circles.  Just to make sure we were really feeling as quiet as it seemed, we practiced a few walk-canter transitions (his favorites, must be something he learned at the track? lol), cantering only a few strides before returning to the trot for a few strides and then right to a walk and halt. Yep, he was as calm and quiet tonight as I could hope for.

So we pulled out the lunge line, and my friend Ramon hopped aboard for his second lesson (he’s teaching me to salsa dance so I’m teaching him to ride).  He reviewed the following seat at the walk; changing directions using the seat, leg, and rein aids; and the walk-halt-walk transitions.  He knew the foot falls for the walk and trot, and had observed me posting to the trot, so we put Liam on a big circle and began some trot work!  Ramon’s position in the saddle is exceptional given his lack of experience, he easily sat the trot, and it didn’t take him long to begin posting a few strides matching Liam’s rythm.  And throughout, Liam remained the perfect school horse, staying calm and relaxed, transitioning between gaits as requested, and keeping a steady rythm as his rider worked out the details of posting.  I’m so proud of both of them tonight, and I appreciate the opportunity they gave me to share my passion.

Our friend Sarah stopped by with her camera, so hopefully some video footage will follow shortly!

One thought on “Liam helps with a lesson

  1. I think that Ramon looked great – I wish I had as much natural balance (and core strength, I’m sure that had something to do with it) as he does.

    And Liam was a champ. I wondered when I saw your go-pony on the longe line — but he was a star!

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